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We offer specific programs for topics related to:

  • Intimate partner, family, and social violence, for victims and perpetrators (Point Final)

  • Men’s health and well-being (Réflexion-Action)

  • Male survivors of childhood sexual abuse (H.A.S.E.)


Violent behaviour

In the POINT FINAL program—for intimate partner, family, and social violence, participants receive counselling through a minimum of three meetings, after which they may choose to hold group meetings to deal with the collective issues shared by other members who have been affected. 

The goal of the program: To allow participants to learn about the dynamics of intimate partner violence, including triggers and warning signs, as well as learn about tools such as the Time-Out, techniques for non-violent conflict resolution, etc.

Note: Once this program has been completed, the Réflexion-Action program may be suggested for further, more in-depth development.


Men’s Health and Well-being

In the RÉFLEXION-ACTION program, participants attend group meetings for an indeterminate period, once they have attended the initial three one-on-one meetings that involve reception and assessment.

Goal of the program:

To analyze and share understanding of the positive and negative factors at play when considering men’s health and wellness.

To analyze problems being had by men, such as grief, isolation, stigmatization, and to share common themes such as emotions, communication, balance, etc.


Male survivors of childhood sexual abuse

In the H.A.S.E. program, participants are monitored through approximately 15 theme-based meetings.


The aim of the approach is to:

  • Break out of isolation

  • Gain support

  • Determine consequences

  • Make the necessary changes to live a more harmonious life

Note: Upon completion of the program, participation in the Réflexion-Action program will be recommended to allow for further, more in-depth development.


Male victims of intimate partner violence (H.S.V.C. program)


In the H.S.V.C. program, participants learn how to process events involving violence from their past, about the dynamics of violence, and about potential solutions for coping with these events from their past. Groups are created based on the situation and needs of those involved.


Goal of the program:

To help men understand the dynamics involved in the violence in their lives and equip victims with the tools necessary to ensure that they are no longer made to endure the violence that is being inflicted upon them.

We also offer monitored support to men who are victims of conjugal or social violence.

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