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Maison Oxygène des Yamaska

Safe housing and support for fathers and their children

The Maison Oxygène des Yamaska is a a resource for temporary housing for fathers and their children that offers individual support, listening, and counseling for fathers in situations of crisis related to family, social, or personal problems, who wish to address their difficulties and regain their autonomy.


Concerns regarding the father-child relationship must remain at the forefront, regardless of legal guardian status.

Father and Son
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De père ... avec toi !
Brushing Teeth
What is a “Maison Oxygène” :

What the accommodations look like :


  • One room per family, including one bed for each person.

  • A shared kitchen equipped with cookware and one refrigerator per family.

  • Two living areas, a game room, and an outdoor green space.

  • A stable and safe environment for children.

  • Activities and outings for fathers and their children.

  • A place to meet and discuss with other fathers.

  • On-site counsellors to provide support, listen, and to provide guidance.

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