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Male survivors of childhood sexual abuse: a reality

The image portrayed in our society is that victims are always women or children.

Some of these children are male. We also note that there are males who are sexually abused during adulthood. Unfortunately, this program is only offered to men who were sexually abused as minors. In short, the physical, psychological, emotional, and sexual consequences have an impact on their adult life.

To address the issue, Ressource pour hommes de la Haute-Yamaska developed a component to treat and provide counseling for these victims.

This individual or group approach aims to break the cycle of isolation.

Our organization has always strived to help men who are in difficulty, who are on a quest to find their true self, or who are seeking opportunities for personal development.

What is sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse involves acts that are sexual in nature, committed by an individual who has not received consent from the victim. In certain cases, especially in children, these acts can be perpetrated by way of emotional manipulation or pressuring.

Childhood sexual abuse is considered a traumatic event regardless of circumstances because it constitutes, above all, an abuse of power and a violation of trust. It is often perpetrated by a figure who is not considered trustworthy to the child.

Topics addressed during follow-up care include:

  • Screening

  • Emotions

  • Living in silence instead of talking about things in a safe environment

  • The dynamics involved in the reconciling the past with the present

  • Personal needs

  • The needs of children and feelings of ambivalence

  • Real impacts

  • Identifying strengths and qualities

  • Goals for recovery

  • Assessment


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